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The first place people go when seeking any service or product is the internet. Optimising your website to appear higher in the search engine results will bring you more sales than traditional marketing alone.

If you’re not already prioritising your online strategy, you will be seriously limiting your own success.

Our SEO Agency Edinburgh has been working with companies across the UK for many years, which is why we appear at the top of Google for many competitive terms.

We are completely transparent when it comes to the tried-and-tested techniques that we use and will always prioritise a bespoke strategy that brings you in maximum returns. Work with us to build a strong online presence for your brand.


Why choose our SEO Agency Edinburgh?

We provide completely tailored strategies for each of clients to suit your needs, budget, and goals. The team at our SEO Company Edinburgh consistently dedicates hours of research before arriving at a strategy that works for your business. We can and have helped brands to get noticed in the abyss of the internet, to bring in conversions and to deliver a memorable user experience.

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We don’t cut corners.

Google is smart. They are developing their algorithm all the time. Our SEO specialists thrive off being kept on their toes. They are passionate and fully clued up on all ranking factors, with an abundance of quality techniques up their sleeve. The aim is to provide only quality content that is relevant to specific search queries. If you are cheating the system with manufactured links and low-quality, spam content, Google will catch on pretty quickly. There’s no time for cutting corners in this game. Our SEO Agency Edinburgh team will optimise your site using Google’s best practices for increased brand visibility and lasting results that please search engines, not trick them.


We are Google Partners.

Trust is essential. You need proof that your chosen SEO Edinburgh company will deliver on their promises. As a Google accredited company, we have a track record of exceptional results. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. We ensure clients are kept in the loop consistently with the work being done and the results that present themselves. We won’t make promises to get you to the number one spot on Google in a matter of weeks, because that would be dishonest. We do, however, have a plethora of clients, old and new, that can vouch for the success of our quality techniques and supportive customer service.

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No forced contracts.

We don’t keep you tied into any prolonged contracts. We want to help your business grow your online presence and achieve your goals, but you don’t have to sign your life away to work with us. We understand that the needs and circumstances of a business sometimes change. However, we can almost guarantee that once you see the increased traffic and revenue our SEO Edinburgh services can bring, you won’t want to go elsewhere.


Creative concepts.

Our SEO Company Edinburgh refuses to ever get stuck in a rut. We crave change and acknowledge the importance of brainstorming as a team to devise fresh marketing methods. We are committed to crafting new and current effective online strategies that deliver impressive results. We leave the office with a list of brilliant ideas and return the next day, ready to turn them into a reality. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our strategies evolve into tangible results and increased enquiries for our clients.

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SEO Edinburgh services:

Looking for that one thing that is going to help your business grow? Unfortunately, growing your business online involves a number of complex strategies. Understandably, many people are so consumed by information about what they should be doing online that it leaves them overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to experience sleepless nights – that won’t get you anywhere.

To stand out in your industry, build a strong online reputation and make a lasting impression, let us help. If you’re ready to stamp your digital footprint across the internet, our SEO Agency Edinburgh can offer and help you to implement a bespoke and complete solution.

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Keyword research:

Keyword research opens up all kinds of opportunities for your business to rise to the top of the search engines and drive converting traffic. Our specialists can help you by sinking their teeth into all things SEO Edinburgh to gain a sense of the bigger picture. What are people searching for? Where are people searching from? How often are people searching for your services? These are all things that our team can help you to understand. Understanding your target market’s browsing habits is the key to success, and keyword research can help you get there.

Commercial intent keywords hold the power to drive traffic from people who are genuinely interested in the products and services you offer. We’ll source the best commercial intent keywords that are going to bring in more traffic and a higher conversion rate.

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Content Marketing:

When we talk about search engine optimisation, most people think of Google. In truth, many search engines should be considered. Content marketing – written, audio, image, and video – offers the unique opportunity to climb to the top of them all. We all know, when creating blog content, you should optimise for keywords with commercial intent. That way, it can be easily crawled and indexed by Google’s bots.

But, an image or video featured in a post can also be crawled. Adding the correct keywords in the title and alt text of images is going to help you rank higher. Don’t neglect this form of content marketing. It’s a huge opportunity to be found for popular search terms. What’s more, Google has started to prioritise images with more of our clients appearing in the image results of late. We’ll take full control of your content marketing, blending creative content, optimisation, and promotion to offer a cohesive service that covers all bases.

Link building:

Many companies may promise you an absurd number of links in a certain timeframe, but this is dishonest marketing and will get your business nowhere. At Bigfoot Digital, we seamlessly blend the building of a strong backlink profile and a positive brand reputation to deliver an SEO Edinburgh service that improves your organic performance and puts the spotlight on your brand. Our link building professionals are fully trained in assessing the authority, rating and relevance of sites to only build links that will strengthen your brand and boost your rankings.

Link building continues to be the most influential ranking signal for Google, it shows legitimacy and that you are trusted by many online sources. If you want to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise, you’ll need a varied backlink profile complete with social signals, guest posts, and citations. Our link building service focuses on driving traffic from potential customers, rather than building links with little or no value.

An SEO Edinburgh agency with proven results!

If you’ve got this far, we can only assume that you are interested in SEO Edinburgh services of some kind. Still not sure whether we are the agency for you? We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and put together a free, no-obligation proposal for your business. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

Our Happy Clients:

Pago Fruit Drinks

“We have used Bigfoot Digital for a number of years. They are simply the best digital marketing agency in the business. They have a clear understanding of technical SEO with great results and attention to detail. I have no hesitation recommending Bigfoot Digital for their exceptional social media marketing and SEO services.”

Marvin, Premium Fruit Beverages

“We have the single biggest regional social media presence for stop smoking services. That’s all thanks to the social media team at Bigfoot Digital. Our page growth has been impressive and we’re delighted with the results. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them and can’t wait to see how things progress.”

James, ,NHS Foundation Trust

“Having asked a number of companies to provide us with a brief of how they could help us with a bespoke digital strategy, Bigfoot Digital stood head and shoulders above their peers. Our online presence through Facebook / Twitter and SEO have continued to improve since we began working with them back in 2015. They provide an excellent service with professional support and advice as and when needed. I would highly recommend considering their service to anybody looking to increase online presence.”

David Truby, Greensleeves

“Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to producing deliverable results making them an ideal digital partner. We have always been impressed with their personal service with bespoke solutions for our business. Honest, monthly reporting is included with development opportunities and positive results. Their social media marketing and website design services are exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone. Overall, an incredibly friendly team of experts who actually deliver on their promises.”

Heather Cooke, Taylor Studwelding

“The team at Bigfoot Digital are knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful.  From our initial consultation we knew we had the right company to help improve our internet presence. They have provided us with advice and support over the last year and we have seen a huge increase on our google listings. The Website Development team have gone above and beyond with technical support, which has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending Bigfoot Digital.”

Suzanne Wilkinson, Churchfield Dental Centre