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Trust the Sales Funnel Experts.

Ever feel like you’re doing everything possible to increase your profits, but people just aren’t buying? That’s because you don’t have a sales funnel. A marketing sales funnel is an automated sales solution that brings in leads even as you sleep.


Get a High-Converting Sales Funnel.

At Bigfoot Digital, we are sales funnel experts with experience in creating funnels that nurture and grow customer relationships and transform businesses. We look at the entire customer journey from your first interaction with a prospect right through to them becoming a life-long customer.

We don’t believe in pre-made or packaged solutions. Your business is unique, so it only follows that your sales funnel should be too. We’ll help you create a strategy that works to convert clicks into returning customers. Your sales funnel will operate at all hours with around the clock management to ensure that you experience a significant ROI.

Payment being made for a sales funnel.

With You Every Step of the Way!

We offer complete sales funnel management. That’s everything from the initial strategy and planning meeting to the design and promotion of your funnel. We’ll monitor all interactions too and make relevant changes, giving you peace of mind that your funnel is generating maximum conversions.




We’ll arrange a meeting with our sales funnel experts to discuss your strategy at length. You will be invited to our offices to meet our graphic designers and senior digital marketers, who will be working on the creation of your funnel. We’ll take time to understand the products/ services you want to promote to ensure we deliver the desired outcome.



The next stage is the design of a landing page that will capture the data of prospective customers. This will be a simple page with one action that eliminates the feeling of overwhelm. People will either enter their details or leave. Clever retargeting will be in place to ensure we never miss an opportunity to capture leads.



Our graphic designers will create a downloadable asset at this stage to encourage people to enter their details. This builds trust with prospects and familiarises them with your brand.



Once we capture the details of prospects, we’ll lead them further into the sales funnel. We’ll design a total of 3 follow-up emails that will be sent to prospects with a clear action that promotes your brand. This will be discussed in the initial strategy meeting.



There are many ways in which you can promote your sales funnel – AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Our sales funnel experts have won awards for their paid advertising campaigns, so they are best placed to promote your brand. You set the ad budget and we’ll deliver the return on investment.



The sixth and final stage of the sales funnel is management. The refining of a funnel is endless; there will always be new ways to improve your conversion rate. We offer on-going sales funnel management to ensure you continue to see a return on investment long after the creation of your funnel.

Sales funnel experts in a strategy meeting.

Why Choose Us?

There are thousands of self-proclaimed sales funnel experts. What makes Bigfoot Digital the best? We are not a single discipline online marketing agency. Our marketers offer a full-service solution to your sales funnel needs.

You will have a full team of graphic designers, content writers, CRO specialists and PPC marketers at your disposal. We work together to create a highly effective sales funnel that sparks interest, engagement and, in turn, sales!


We Have Worked With Some Great Brands:

Sales Funnel FAQ’s

Marketing automation is a powerful marketing and sales tool that turns otherwise manual tasks, like sending out emails, tracking data, and lead generation into an entirely automated process. Marketing automation allows you to filter prospects through a sales funnel with minimal time and resources spent, and maximum returns.

The cost of our sales funnels is separated into 3 stages – Funnel Creation, Funnel Promotion and Funnel Management.

  • Funnel creation is everything from the strategy planning, design, content writing and layout of the funnel.
  • Funnel Promotion is the paid element of the campaign that drives traffic to your funnel.
  • Funnel Management is the on-going monitoring of the sales funnel, along with any required changes.

Our sales funnel costs start from around £5,000, but do get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Yes, of course. We always recommend using Clickfunnels as a platform to build your sales funnels. Our clients come to us because they simply don’t have the time to design, optimise and monitor a sales funnel. Our strategy is the difference between a funnel that simply exists and one that brings in a ton of revenue. We take the time to get the right strategy in place to ensure you see the results you deserve.

As involved as you like. Some of our clients are talented content writers, who work with us to optimise their content. Others have experience in paid advertising. We encourage input from our clients at all stages. However, if you want to hand over all management to the sales funnel experts (that’s us!), that’s not a problem. We’ll keep you in the loop at all stages of the process to ensure you are happy with your return.