The Incredible Power of Print Marketing for an E-commerce Business

Struggling to make sales? Here’s how print marketing can consistently increase sales and generate impressive ROI.

Imagine crafting a complete sales strategy around print marketing? *Shudder* It’s nowhere near as effective as the digital equivalent that we use daily to promote our businesses. However, as a digital agency, we can see the potential of running an e-commerce store both online and in the ‘real world.’

Wait, isn’t print media marketing on its deathbed? Why would I focus on a strategy that’s behind the times when I could be leveraging the most responsive digital channels? While people believe that print is on the way out, there are many reasons why it’s still a viable marketing strategy.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the power of print advertising in connection with your online business:

Print Marketing is still relevant.

Think about how physical e-commerce stores operate. They sell products in multiple locations across the country. Print services allow them to develop strong marketing messages in window displays, seasonal postcards and packaging. Banners can be placed in shopping centres during a big sale to drive customers in store. But, what happens if you don’t have a physical business? Print can still be equally as important to your business:

  • It builds credibility with your target audience. By consistently displaying your brand logo across the country, it conveys that you are a legitimate business, which builds trust with your audience.
  • Print makes you more relatable. It reminds people that there is a face behind your business, especially if you include a photograph of yourself and employees with a handwritten note to your readers.
  • It allows you to retain relationships offline. When there aren’t colourful, clickable icons to ‘buy here,’ how effective is your design? You can analyse your design skills based on visual aesthetics alone.

Because we do so much online, we neglect the power of local connections. It’s true; you can build up a local online presence through ranking for location specific keywords or registering a Google My Business listing. But, where’s the customer connection? Your business needs a reliable stream of connected customers to drive profit and push your business forward. Use local print connections to reach potential customers quickly. Once they are aware of your local business, they may visit your online store as a result. It works both ways!

Digital and print marketing synergy.

More Internet-based companies use print marketing than you may think. Consider market-leading brands, such as ASOS, Tesco and B&Q. They rely on print marketing to reach people in the comfort of their homes. Have you ever shared your contact details (email, phone number, home address) at the checkout? If so, you will most likely receive promotional offers, leaflets and catalogues through your mailbox. They deliver impulsive online conversions from shoppers who hold onto adverts as a reminder for a later date. It does what online retargeting can only hope to achieve. It exists as a prompt to make a purchase.

print marketing brochure for B&Q

This works particularly well for businesses who target homeowners. Let’s take B&Q, for example. They operate in the home interiors and garden market and target people at the start of their customer journey. Prospective customers may be looking for a new kitchen unit or garden furniture in time for the summer season. Something as straightforward as a catalogue from B&Q can prompt an online purchase. These two alternate marketing channels – print and digital – work in synergy to drive conversions.

What print marketing can do for your social media presence.

What has print marketing got to do with social media? They connect well, especially when it comes to customer interaction. A print marketing campaign with a strong, engaging call-to-action may lead people to check you out on social media. Having your social handles on a printed campaign highlights that you are far more than a high street store. You have an active online presence that you are looking to promote. This can have one or more of the following outcomes:

  • You attract a more diverse audience. Elderly people don’t tend to connect with brands online, or far less will if you check your analytics. This doesn’t mean your products or services aren’t appropriate to them. It just means that you have to take a unique approach. By promoting your brand through print advertisement, you encourage online interaction. No one demographic sticks exclusively to one marketing channel.
  • Share client testimonials. This makes your brand more accessible to people who may not search online for ‘testimonials.’ Let’s be honest; not many people would do that. It’s an instant trust factor that gets them to search for your website directly and make a purchase.
  • Increase in direct traffic numbers. As mentioned above, the trust factor is already established. This will lead to a dramatic increase in direct traffic to your website. These people already know what you are about and have come to your site to either find out more or make a purchase. Either way, you are one step closer to conversion and another loyal customer.

Print marketing and online optimisation are two separate marketing channels that when combined are unstoppable. They complement one another to generate maximum conversions across all channels, including online purchases, email and phone enquiries.

Online optimisation to enhance your print marketing strategy!

At Bigfoot Digital, we offer a range of digital marketing services that help drive your print marketing strategy forwards. Everything from search engine optimisation and social media to email marketing and e-commerce website design will be included. We sit down and chat with our clients before starting work on their campaigns to ensure we deliver the best possible results for their businesses. Basically, our primary goal is to make you money!

Interested in working with a forward-thinking digital marketing agency with connections in the print marketing industry? We can drive your business forward to connect with more customers who engage with all forms of marketing. You’ll be surprised how many people will start to engage with your website once you have all areas of marketing covered.

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