Outreach Marketing

Outreach Marketing

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Outreach marketing masters.

Outreach marketing is a strategic process that involves reaching out to influencers in the same industry with a request to promote your content. Our team of outreach marketing professionals know what it takes to negotiate exceptional collaborations with some of the most recognised brands.


Outreach marketing is changing…

The way companies are now reaching potential customers is evolving. It used to be that links alone would give you a boost in the search results. Securing backlinks on authoritative, relevant domains was the only consideration.

Today, outreach is far more powerful. Get a link or mention from an influencer, blogger or news outlet with a ton of followers, and you can expect a massive spike in traffic to your site. You will instantly become more reputable in the eyes of potential customers, as well as Google.

Outreach marketing has become as much about brand promotion as link building. Our outreach marketing specialists will devise a strategy that helps you boost brand awareness, as well as climb the search results. We always go that extra mile to deliver results.

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Our outreach strategy:

With skills in all areas of outreach marketing, from securing links on some of the most authoritative sites to promoting content across social media, we can help you reach more customers.



We have an unrivalled outreach marketing network of bloggers in industries spanning ecommerce, technology and business to weddings, retail and lifestyle, to name a few. But don’t worry if your business falls outside these niches. Our outreach marketing specialists are always on the lookout for new collaboration opportunities.



Just because we have access to everyone doesn’t mean that we work with everyone. Our criteria for guest posting is strict. We want the best for our clients, which means only working with influencers that rank at the top of Google, bring in new traffic and promote their content.



Great content does not just sit there and look pretty; it gets results. Our team of content writers are skilled at producing creative content that not only engages with people but ranks in the search results. We provide influencers with optimised content to ensure we maintain great relationships with them and that you get maximum visibility.



We believe in going the extra mile to promote your content. When we work with an influencer, we’ll agree on regular social media promotion on their channels, as well as ours to ensure you make the most from every collaboration.

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What makes us the best outreach marketing agency?

To sum things up…

  • We are proactive. It’s not a case of writing a blog post and waiting for it to rank. We promote it, promote it again, and once more, to ensure you are getting the traction you deserve.
  • We are informative. You will receive updates at every stage of the collaboration. From the content we write and the emails we receive to the links to the live posts and the analytics.
  • We are results-driven. If you haven’t guessed, we are not satisfied with second best. We want the best results for our clients, which means we track everything to ensure you hit your targets.

These are just some of the reasons that you should trust Bigfoot Digital to manage your outreach campaigns.


We Have Worked With Some Great Brands:

Outreach Marketing FAQ’s:

The difference is that every blog and influencer on our list was manually sourced by our team, so every website is relevant to you and available to contact. We provide regular updates on our collaborations and will share metrics like the Domain Authority, Domain Rank and Follower Count of each site.

Yes, of course. We give our clients the option to read our articles before they are sent to the influencer to publish. It’s advised that if you wish to see the content that you are responsive to our communication. We want the best results for you, which often means working to deadlines and securing multiple links.
We can secure anywhere between 10 and 50 links per month. It depends on the deadlines we are working toward and the number of days the client has purchased. The more days that are purchased, the more time we have to liaise with influencers, write content and promote it on social media. The quality of a link is far more important than quantity, so don’t get too hung up over the exact figures.

We charge for our services on a case by case basis. Some industries are more competitive than others and require a more aggressive strategy. Typically, our outreach services are a part of a more comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure you are covering all aspects of optimisation. Get in touch on 01226 720 755 for a free quote.

Influencer marketing is considered new-age outreach marketing. It’s focused more on the brand awareness side of things with links seen as an added benefit. Outreach marketing started as a link building tactic and has evolved into an opportunity to attract more visitors to your site, as well as rank higher in the search results.