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With everything that goes on in the wonderful world of search engine optimisation, it’s easy to forget about keyword research. Without keywords, there would be no SEO. It’s one of the most fundamental, valuable and high-return activities in the online marketing field. Our expert SEO keyword research service positions you ahead of the competition to ensure you continually drive visitors to your website and convert clicks into loyal customers.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is basically what it says on the tin. It all starts with words typed into a box. People are looking for answers; it’s up to Google to show the most accurate results. What are the most popular terms people are searching for when they come to a search engine? You have to make sure that you are ranking for these keywords to show up in those search results. Ranking for the right keywords can give your website a significant boost in rankings.

A keyword can be short tail, which is a couple of words, such as “SEO,” “SEO Company” or “SEO Agency.” They can also be long tail, which is three or more words strung together in a sentence, such as “Keyword Research Services,” “Keyword Research Tools,” or “What is Keyword Research?” These long tail keywords are often favoured by marketers as they are searched by people who are ready to buy. It’s all about looking through the eyes of your potential customers, and thinking in advance what they are likely to search for. Keeping in mind your customers and your industry will ensure your SEO keyword research works and that you can be seen before you competitors.

Our Keyword Research Service:

At Bigfoot Digital, we know you’re busy. Doing extensive SEO keyword research isn’t high up on your priority list when you have your own business to run and keep on top of. To help you along. we research your industry keywords, so you can see what terms and phrases are in demand. We not only get more traffic to your site, but we’ll get the right kind of visitors. The bigger picture is an increased conversion rate for your business. That’s what it all comes down to, more sales, and having the right keyword research strategy is the answer. Are you looking for an agency to deliver SEO keyword research? Along with a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on return on investment? You have found us.

We start by taking a look at your existing SEO efforts. Is your website optimised for search? Are you using the most effective keywords? We’ll be able to answer any questions or queries you may have and give you detailed overview of how things are looking for you. Enter your details into the above website audit form and find out. Our comprehensive website auditing tool will give you a complete overview of what is needed to reach that top spot on Google. It will review your site performance, link structure, visibility, keywords and more. Better still? It’s a free SEO audit!

Experienced Keyword Research

Once your website audit is complete, we take a look at your SEO strategy, and how you’re currently doing things. You may find that what you’re doing in terms of SEO isn’t working as well as you intended it to, and you’ll need some expert advice as to what the next steps to take are. We have been practising SEO keyword research since its inception. We have experienced the changes in Google’s complex algorithm updates, and worked to refine our SEO services accordingly. We now sit at the top of Google, which gives us real credibility. Our clients expect the same level of expertise for their businesses. See our client testimonials to find out what they say about us.

Focus on Lead Generation

You’re looking for SEO keyword research services to generate leads, revenue and profit for your business. That’s exactly what we focus on. We believe keyword research holds the power to either make or break an SEO campaign, so we take it seriously. We take the time to get it nailed on with the right keywords that will attract the attention of new customers.

Local SEO

Local SEO should be at the top of your online checklist. More and more people are using local search terms when searching for places close by. It’s an important consideration when it comes to keyword research. The rise in local search has escalated in recent years due to the popularity of mobile phones and voice search. We consider all types of keyword variations when it comes to planning your SEO keyword research strategy.

Agency/Client Collaboration

No one knows your business quite like you. You started from a blank canvas and now you’re here! As you and your team are the people who know your business the best, we always like to hear what you’ve got to say and any ideas you may have. We welcome your input to select keywords that customers are searching for, and eliminate ones that don’t attract leads. We have found that a collaborative approach yields results that give you an edge over your competitors. Plus, we’re a friendly and approachable SEO agency that gives you honest feedback at all times. We have built close relationships with our clients and continue to deliver on our promise to secure the best results in the SERPs.

Why Choose Us?

We know all there is to know about carrying out effective Keyword Research. We’re an honest agency with your business in our hearts – we want you to succeed as much as you do! Our approach focuses on capturing relevant keywords in your industry, of which, you will dominate the SERPs for. All keywords will be chosen based on their ability to bring in the highest return on investment.

  • Honest, reliable feedback on your SEO
  • Over 20 years’ optimising using keyword research
  • Proven keyword research services
  • Experience from a top ranking SEO agency!

You can’t fake your way to the top of Google. The results speak for themselves. We come out on top for some of the most popular searches related to our industry. And, you can too. If you need a little help with Keyword Research or you don’t know where to start with your SEO strategy, we can help. Get in touch with our professional digital marketing team and get used to first page rankings. Call: 01226 720 755 for a friendly chat with one of our experts.

Our Happy Clients:

Our Happy Clients:

Pago Fruit Drinks

“We have used Bigfoot Digital for a number of years. They are simply the best digital marketing agency in the business. They have a clear understanding of technical SEO with great results and attention to detail. I have no hesitation recommending Bigfoot Digital for their exceptional social media marketing and SEO services.”

Marvin, Premium Fruit Beverages

“We have the single biggest regional social media presence for stop smoking services. That’s all thanks to the social media team at Bigfoot Digital. Our page growth has been impressive and we’re delighted with the results. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them and can’t wait to see how things progress.”

James, ,NHS Foundation Trust

“Having asked a number of companies to provide us with a brief of how they could help us with a bespoke digital strategy, Bigfoot Digital stood head and shoulders above their peers. Our online presence through Facebook / Twitter and SEO have continued to improve since we began working with them back in 2015. They provide an excellent service with professional support and advice as and when needed. I would highly recommend considering their service to anybody looking to increase online presence.”

David Truby, Greensleeves

“Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to producing deliverable results making them an ideal digital partner. We have always been impressed with their personal service with bespoke solutions for our business. Honest, monthly reporting is included with development opportunities and positive results. Their social media marketing and website design services are exceptional and I would recommend them to anyone. Overall, an incredibly friendly team of experts who actually deliver on their promises.”

Heather Cooke, Taylor Studwelding

“The team at Bigfoot Digital are knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful.  From our initial consultation we knew we had the right company to help improve our internet presence. They have provided us with advice and support over the last year and we have seen a huge increase on our google listings. The Website Development team have gone above and beyond with technical support, which has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending Bigfoot Digital.”

Suzanne Wilkinson, Churchfield Dental Centre