Clickfunnels Review

Clickfunnels is one of the loudest sales funnel marketing tools out there due to the range of funnel templates and proven results it claims to bring. We step through the tool’s key features so you can decide if it’s right for your online strategies.

Last updated on January 29, 2021

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder at its core. Founded by world-famous American marketer Russell Brunson in 2014, it’s a piece of software where businesses can build attention-grabbing landing pages and launch automated email campaigns from one user-friendly platform. 

Once you create your funnels, you can use a variety of features to generate leads and automate your sales process from the top of the funnel right down to making conversions. What’s more, you don’t need a website, and you don’t have to invest in SEO long term to appear in the search results. 

Funnel marketing is the central premise of Clickfunnels’ – you can design unique and engaging landing pages, test your pages for success and manage multi-faceted retargeting campaigns with minimal hassle or previous marketing experience. 

Brunson and team designed the software to make the process of building a converting sales funnel easy and accessible, which is reflected in the simple drag-and-drop editors and automation features. 

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Who founded Clickfunnels?

As with most businesses, Clickfunnels started as one individual’s self-funded venture. Russell Brunson and team built the Clickfunnels reputation and offering as a result of years of experience, dedication and marketing expertise. 

The team wanted to simplify the funnel marketing process and allow entrepreneurs to quickly use this strategy to elevate their sales, without them having to invest a fortune to do so. 

The results of effective and strategic sales funnels speak for themselves, but how can you utilise all that Clickfunnels has to offer to create your own success story?

How to use Clickfunnels

Though Clickfunnels is designed with usability in mind, it’s essential to understand how it can be used to weigh up whether its right for your unique strategy and offerings. 

This Clickfunnels review aims to step you through the landing page editor, analytics tools, integration options, marketplace and more so you can leave fully informed about the funnel software. 

What’s your funnel strategy?

Before any entrepreneur or brand can start using Clickfunnels, you must have a sales strategy in mind. What is your unique lead magnet or hook that is going to encourage people to move through your funnel and eventually convert? 

Clickfunnels requires you to have an initial product, a final product which is where you make the big bucks, but also plenty of upsells to offer your audience in-between. 

In a nutshell, sales funnels are a focused and targeted marketing strategy to direct consumers where you want them to go and complete your desired action. Clickfunnels, therefore, aims to support users in creating campaigns that do just that, with minimal distractions and clear marketing messages throughout. 

Funnel editor

The Clickfunnels landing page editor uses a simple drag-and-drop method, where you can drag elements between rows and columns to create a design that is unique to your brand and optimised to convert. 

Page elements

Not only can you drag blocks of text or images to wherever you want them to appear on the page, but you can introduce a wide range of elements to grab your audience’s attention, create a sense of urgency and encourage people to submit their details. 

Clickfunnels offers a range of elements to incorporate into your strategy, such as:

  • Headlines
  • Bullet lists
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Popups
  • Audio
  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes 
  • Sign-ups via email, text or Facebook messenger
  • Shipping options
  • Surveys
  • Countdowns
  • Timers

All in all, there is a considerable amount of opportunity to customise your pages to suit your purpose. 

Product imagery

It’s important to use plenty of imagery at every stage of your marketing funnel where possible. Humans are highly visual creatures, so using plain text to try and sell yourself or your products simply won’t cut it. 

Clickfunnels understand this, which is why there is plenty of opportunity for incorporating images and video into your landing pages and email campaigns. Not only do high-quality images or product photos help your audience to understand your offering better, but they are also an immediate trust signal which will hugely benefit your conversions. 

You can easily keep all your landing pages and emails consistent when it comes to your branding and layout by flicking through your various landing pages. This way, your audience can easily recognise and become familiar with your brand.


Before you launch a sales funnel campaign, Clickfunnels provide a complete checklist to ensure everything’s checked off and you’re confident in your landing pages. 

Aspects like customising each stage of your funnel template, registering a web address, integrating your emails, setting up payment processing and adding your products are all critical elements that can make or break your funnel campaign. 

Clickfunnels templates

Sound good so far? To continue this Clickfunnels review, it’s important to point out the vast range of funnel templates that the software has to offer, some of which are entirely free to use. 

When starting with building your first funnel, you will be presented with two options – create a funnel from scratch or utilise a readymade template. The Clickfunnels’ ‘Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook’ offers a range of tried-and-tested funnels designed to suit a range of lead generation purposes. 

Some Funnel Hacker templates include:

  • Memberships
  • Squeeze pages
  • Live demos
  • Surveys
  • Storefronts
  • Product launches
  • Lead magnets
  • Webinars, and more! 

You can filter the templates by ‘industry’ or ‘type of funnel’ to pinpoint a structure that complements and elevates your business’ unique strategy. 

clickfunnels review funnel types


Let’s say you decide to use the ‘product launch funnel’ type; you will be provided with training, a downloadable map for how to structure your funnel and a massive range of free and paid specific funnel landing page templates to use and brand up as your own. 

clickfunnels review product launch

If you do your research and make the most of the resources and training out there that Clickfunnels are happy to provide, you can utilise all that Clickfunnels has to offer without spending any more than your monthly membership fee. You don’t need to invest in paid templates to succeed.

clickfunnels review templates

Funnel analytics

Clickfunnels provide their analytics tools so you can easily track your sales in one interface, monitor progress and identify potential issues that may be causing your funnel to underperform.

By having factual sales data to hand, you can make changes where necessary based on evidence to ensure your sales funnel strategies are fully educated and optimised. 

Clickfunnels autoresponder

Not only does Clickfunnels provide a completely user-friendly funnel creation process, but once your funnel is all set up, you can virtually step back and watch the sales come in. Clickfunnel’s autoresponders allow you to implement fully automated email campaigns, retarget leads and handle your customer relationship management (CRM) all in one place. 

Clickfunnels marketplace

Another of Clickfunnels features that put it ahead of the game is its marketplace feature. The Clickfunnels marketplace is designed to offer the community a place to share and sell their successful funnel templates or purchase other’s to reap the benefits. 

With more than 50,000 entrepreneurs active on Clickfunnels, the marketplace is jam-packed with hugely valuable funnel templates. Those with less experience in marketing or design can buy tried-and-tested templates to elevate their campaigns, and successful funnel marketers can sell their templates to generate an additional source of revenue. 

Clickfunnels integrations

On top of the range of paid and free funnel templates for members to choose from, there are plenty of potential integrations that you can use to take your funnels even further, such as MailChimp. Hubspot, Kajabi, Shopify, Zoom and more. 

clickfunnels review integrations

Clickfunnels takes the crown over some of its other funnel marketing competitors like LeadPages due to the range of options it provides for payment gateways. You can find an option that works for you and your products, where it’s PayPal, Stripe, or BlueSnap. 

clickfunnels review payment gateway

Clickfunnels pricing

How much is Clickfunnels?

There are three main Clickfunnels pricing packages to choose from, with each offering varying access to their features. 

The basic Clickfunnels package starts at $97 per month, where you have access to most features but are limited on the number of funnels you can create and the level of support available should you need guidance. To get access to follow-up funnels, priority customer support and hours of additional training at your disposal, opt for the Clickfunnels ‘platinum’ package. 

clickfunnels review pricing

Before signing up for Clickfunnels, weigh up your options to decide on the right package for your needs. 

Some critical questions to ask yourself are:

  • How many funnels do you want to build?
  • How many users do you need?
  • How many payment gateway connections do you need?
  • Do you want to be able to create follow-up funnels?
  • Do you need priority support via chat from the Clickfunnels team?
  • Do you want extra guidance from Clickfunnels coaches for scaling your funnel strategies?
  • Do you want access to comprehensive training programs, guides and video courses?

Clickfunnels free trial

If our Clickfunnels review has sparked your interest and left you intrigued about how the software can fit into your online strategies, you can try all the Clickfunnels features free for 14-days. 

The Clickfunnels free trial offers access to six readymade templates to get started – you can set up funnels and automated email campaigns to test out all of Clickfunnels’ capabilities before parting with any cash. You can even try your hand at the affiliate marketing program during your trial!

To make the most of this free trial, make sure you have a product, and a rough funnel mapped out before you get stuck in. 

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Clickfunnels affiliate program

As well as offering you the opportunity to create profitable funnels, you can also use Clickfunnels in other ways to generate revenue, one of which is by promoting the tool itself to your audience. 

All Clickfunnels members get automatic access to the affiliate program, which is hugely popular due to offering users a 40% recurring commission for every referral that signs up for a Clickfunnels membership through your affiliate links. 

You can make a commission from sign-ups to Clickfunnels but also through the upselling of Clickfunnels’ other products such as eBooks and webinars. Clickfunnels track your affiliates using ‘sticky cookies’ where for any further purchases or sign-ups someone makes off the back of your affiliate link, you get the commission. 

There are terms and conditions; otherwise, every man and his dog would be making money off the back of the affiliate program. Clickfunnels enforce a strict 45-day cooling-off period to prevent affiliates making money off sign-ups who end up cancelling after their free trial. 

What’s more, you can access weekly and monthly reports to monitor the success of your affiliate campaign, see where you are achieving the most sign-ups and identify areas for improvement. The key to success as a Clickfunnels affiliate is making sure that your sales funnel is a prime example of all that the tool has to offer for generating success and revenue. But how can you demonstrate your funnel marketing strategy for others? That’s where the ‘share funnels’ feature comes in. 

Clickfunnels share funnels

The ‘share funnels’ feature is arguably one of the most valuable assets offered by the Clickfunnels software. Any user can share their favourite or most successful funnel creations easily with others and even make money off them. 

Not only is this an excellent way for experienced funnel marketers to generate revenue by offering funnel templates to those with less expertise, but it also allows those with minimal marketing knowledge to gain insight from the community and reach success. 

By sharing unique URLs to your funnels, you can also make a commission if someone either uses your funnel on their own Clickfunnels account or goes on to sign-up for the tool off the back of it. 

Share funnels are an incredible way to scale your business, but you will, of course, need to ensure that your funnels are a success and generate results before you can expect to promote them to others on the platform. Once you have a brand story and a set of precise results, you will be able to share your templates and educate other entrepreneurs’ strategies, all while generating some extra revenue. 

How can Clickfunnels benefit you?

To sum up, this authentic yet glowing Clickfunnels review, let’s take another look at how this software can benefit your digital marketing strategies. 

  • Conversion rates

Rather than directing leads to a website where there can be multiple distractions and options to choose from, you can create dedicated landing pages with minimal hassle. 

Landing pages, otherwise known as ‘squeeze pages’, allow you to direct people toward one ultimate goal. Whether you want to generate sales or simply increase sign-ups to a newsletter or webinar, funnels offer your leads a clear path and actions to follow. Traffic that hits your pages has one option – they either complete your action or they leave – which can have a significant benefit on conversion rate if you approach it in the right way. 

  • Revenue

For a monthly fee, Clickfunnels provides access to a vast range of funnel templates, tools, and training resources to educate your marketing strategies and create a funnel that ticks all the right boxes. 

You don’t need to invest in multiple pieces of software to create your funnel and email campaigns due to the wide range of Clickfunnels integrations, saving you time and therefore money long term. 

By simplifying the funnel creation and promotion processes, Clickfunnels allows entrepreneurs to efficiently devise new strategies and put them into practice with minimal hassle so that you can invest your time into other areas of your business. 

  • User-friendly

The range of ready-made templates that have been tried-and-tested by like-minded professionals and generated results provides all Clickfunnels members with strong foundations and confidence in your strategies. You don’t need any experience in coding or HTML knowledge and can easily customise your landing pages using the range of widgets and page elements on offer. 

Final thoughts

The overall premise of this Clickfunnels review is that the tool does have a lot to offer, making the hype around it fully deserved. It’s ideal for businesses or entrepreneurs with a new venture that doesn’t want to invest in a brand new website or a long-term SEO strategy, as you can simply create unique landing pages and automate an email campaign to generate leads. 

Of course, as is the case with any marketing tool, it’s down to you to make your strategies a success. However, Clickfunnels allows entrepreneurs and brands to be well on their way to success due to the enormous amount of resources and support on offer. 

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How much does Clickfunnels cost?

The standard Clickfunnels package starts at $97 per month, which gives you access to most features but limits you on the number of funnels you can create and the level of support available. For access to follow-up funnels, priority customer support and hours of additional training, there is the Clickfunnels ‘platinum’ package at $297 per month or the ultimate TwoCommaClubX for $2497 per month.

What is Clickfunnels used for?

Clickfunnels is an online platform for building sales funnels and implementing follow-up strategies via email campaigns. At its core, Clickfunnels helps businesses to generate leads and guide them through a customer journey via retargeting campaigns to ultimately boost conversions and ensure high conversion rates. You can design completely bespoke sales funnels with unique landing pages, or use an existing and tried-and-tested template from the Clickfunnels Marketplace.

How can you promote Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels offer all members access to their valuable affiliate program, where you can generate extra revenue by promoting the tool to your audience and receiving commission for every referral that signs up using your affiliate links. There are several ways to make money by promoting Clickfunnels, such as encouraging sign-ups or upselling Clickfunnels range of eBooks or webinars. 

When was Clickfunnels founded?

Clickfunnels was co-founded in October 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. Russell Brunson has since gone on to become a huge name in the online marketing industry and Clickfunnels as a platform now generates hundreds of millions of dollars each year. 

How can you use Clickfunnels with Shopify?

Clickfunnels can be easily and directly integrated with a Shopify store and individual products to handle all the marketing and lead generation that ultimately gets you sales. While Shopify is great for handling your order fulfilment and managing inventory when it comes to marketing your store and products it arguably falls short. This is where Clickfunnels fits in – you can create a unique customer journey to generate leads, warm them up and essentially guide them through a journey to making a purchase, all from one user-friendly and seamless interface. 

How can you connect Stripe with Clickfunnels?

You can connect a Stripe account with Clickfunnels to process payments through your Stripe payment gateway in the ‘Payment Gateways’ section of your Account Settings. Add a new payment gateway, select Stripe as your gateway, create or login to your Stripe account and label your integration with a name. You can choose to set your account as the default for your funnels and then click ‘Connect with Stripe’ and ‘Connect my Stripe account’ to successfully complete the integration. Keep in mind, you can only use one payment gateway per funnel and those on the basic plan can only integrate one account across all funnels.

How can you delete a funnel in Clickfunnels?

If your Clickfunnels account is full or you have created a funnel template or stage you’re no longer happy with, it’s easy to get rid of entire funnels or specific steps. Simply head to the funnel you wish to delete, go to your funnel settings in the main navigations, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Archive Funnel’. As you archive your funnels, the number of funnels on your account will drop freeing up space for you to create new templates.

How can you share a funnel in Clickfunnels?

Simply go to the funnel you want to share and head to settings, click on ‘Share Funnel’ to be presented with a unique funnel URL that you can copy the link to and share with others. Share Funnels is a great feature of Clickfunnels that allows members to generate revenue from their sales funnel creations. If people sign up to Clickfunnels off the back of your share funnels, you can make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate!

How can you clone a funnel in Clickfunnels?

To clone a funnel, select your funnel and head to settings. Click ‘Clone Funnel’ and your funnel will be easily duplicated and saved into your funnel dashboard as a direct copy for you to customise.