Если и существовал бизнес, напоминающий старые добрые времена, то это местный парикмахерская. Именно культура и ностальгия сделали скромную парикмахерскую идеальным местом для общения мужчин. Мужчины просто считали это местом, где можно поесть и пообщаться с друзьями. Этого было достаточно, чтобы принести [...]

Социальные сети Продажа в СМИ: как использовать ваши платформы для увеличения продаж электронной коммерции

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Standing out on social media is a challenge. For many business owners, social media presents an opportunity to promote your brand and increase your reach. But, did you know that social media selling can also be utilised as an effective e-commerce platform, too? From unboxing videos to influencer collaborations, social media has become a [...]

Что такое все сайты социальных сетей?

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Social media sites are taking over the world of the internet. How can you ensure you’re signed up to beneficial platforms? Over the years, social media marketing has become one of the most influential ways to grow a business’ following. That much so that everyone seems to be jumping on the [...]

Как компании используют социальные сети для укрепления доверия к бренду?

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Social media and brand trust go hand-in-hand. Without a trusted reputation, how are you expected to sell products online? You can't. People need to recognise your brand as a reliable source before parting with their hard-earned cash. Businesses that don't display a sense of empathy and understanding will not go [...]

Профили аудитории в социальных сетях: в каком возрасте чаще всего пользуются социальными сетями?

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We all have social media profiles, but how do we appeal to our target audiences online? Social media is used by over a quarter of the world’s population, which means if your business is not on any social platforms, you’re missing out on increasing your brand awareness. Even if you [...]

Сколько стоит маркетинг в социальных сетях

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Like most business decisions, it comes down to cost. Will social media deliver ROI? Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing internet marketing strategies in existence. It makes sense; everyone is online these days. It used to be a way to connect you with old friends, but in [...]

Как использовать социальные сети в маркетинге электронной коммерции

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Struggling to make sense of your social media strategy for your ecommerce marketing? Here’s how social media can help to grow your business. If you run an ecommerce store, you probably understand the influence social media has on online shopping. If you don’t use social media to promote your business, let’s just say that [...]

6 функций LinkedIn: как использовать платформу для развития вашего бизнеса

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So, you’ve built your profile, connected with like-minded professionals and colleagues, and you’re ready to take advantage of the LinkedIn features that can help you to boost your business. The largest professional online network, LinkedIn has over 500 million users across 200 countries, all benefiting from its unique opportunities - the social platform is [...]

5 советов по маркетингу в парикмахерской для успеха в Интернете!

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If there was ever a business reminiscent of the good old days, then it’s the local barber shop. It’s culture and nostalgia that made the humble barber shop the perfect place for male bonding. Men simply recognised this as the go-to place for a chop and chat with friends. This was enough to bring [...]

Насколько эффективен маркетинг в Twitter для вашего бизнеса?

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How effective is Twitter when it comes to marketing your business? Today, we share how Twitter can be used to increase exposure and drive sales! Is Twitter a valuable marketing tool for your business - or is it just a place to have a natter with your friends? With over 360 million monthly [...]

Улучшите свой маркетинг с помощью аналитики социальных сетей

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Your Social Media Insights could tell you what's working and what's not for your business. There's a lot to view and consider behind the scenes when it comes to running your Social Media and obtaining a consistent online presence. Social Media has become more technical over the years, and thanks to Social Media Insights, [...]